Climb to the Great Crater

The best and most fascinating trip to experience on the island of Vulcano is the climb to the Great Crater. The climb does not involve any great difficulty, as it is a walk across the slopes of the volcano, between broom plants and lava stone. With every step, you will slowly start to sense the volcano’s breath: this is the result of a thick cloud of vapour and gas coming from the fumaroles and rising from the mouth of the crater. The ground here has a yellow and ochre colour and, looking down, you can admire the funnel-shaped quarry.

It’s possible to walk along the entire rim of the crater and, if accompanied by expert guides, you can cross the Piano delle Fumarole (Plain of the Fumaroles), equipped with a mask and handkerchiefs to limit the strong smell of sulphur. Being very careful, you can walk along a stretch of the top of the crater between spectacular alum, sulphur and molten metal encrustations, which reach 400°C in some points. From here, the view that appears before your eyes is truly unique: the whole archipelago is in the palm of your hand and the more distant islands seem suspended over the sea. Unforgettable emotions, like waiting for the sunset along one of the panoramic viewpoints found during the descent.

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