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Il Cappero

The enchanting view of the Sea stacks of Lipari, the pattern of the islands on the horizon and the relaxing sound of the sea frame one of the most sought-after places in the Aeolian Islands: “Il Cappero”.

Located in the heart of Therasia Resort Sea & Spa, this restaurant with 1 Michelin star is a temple of taste for those seeking a fine dining experience to delight the senses.

The balance of contrasts, the colours and creativity in the combinations fully represent the cooking philosophy of Executive Chef Giuseppe Biuso, who has found the ideal way of communicating, transmitting and telling his story in the fascinating world of cooking. His mission: bringing the table to life as a compelling emotional journey, by blending flavour, irony and simplicity. The best ingredients and respect used in the recipes are essential. Open for dinner only, except on Mondays, and from June also open for lunch at weekends.

Hours: 7.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.

Lo Chef

Giuseppe Biuso, has been the Executive Chef at the Therasia Resort Sea & Spa in Vulcano since 2016, as well as manager of the restaurant “Il Cappero” where, in the same year and the years that followed, he reconfirmed the Michelin star, thus crowning the dream of becoming a part of the prestigious guide. Giuseppe began his career at the age of 14, when he enrolled in the hotel management school in Palermo, his home town.

Thanks to his experience with chef Corrado Fasolato at the “MET” restaurant in Venice with 2 Michelin stars, Giuseppe approached the world of haute cuisine but he reached his turning point in 2012 at the “Il Mosaico” restaurant in Ischia with chef Nino Di Costanzo with 2 Michelin stars. His experience continued at the “La Siriola” restaurant with 1 Michelin star in San Cassiano, the “Chez Dominique" restaurant with 1 Michelin star in Finland, the “Villa Crespi” restaurant with 3 Michelin stars with Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo and lastly at the 1 Michelin star “La Rei” restaurant, where he held the position of Sous Chef.

He never forgets his origins and his apprenticeship years; he is determined, devoted and tenacious and he wants to continue to grow and, above all, pass on his love for cooking to his staff, who follow him with great dedication.

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