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I Tenerumi

The Mediterranean is the birthplace of aromas, colours and flavours, which live in perfect harmony on the island of Vulcano. It is right here that the "I Tenerumi" vegetarian restaurant came to be, thanks to Chef Davide Guidara, who received the 2023 Michelin Best Young Chef award.

Its experimental cuisine based on vegetables enhances every single product, creating an innovative tasting menu, with contrasting flavours that create unexpected sensations, resulting in it receiving 1 Michelin star in 2022. The culinary itinerary is accompanied by gourmet cocktails, Kombucha, tepache, cordials and infusions that, as liquid ingredients, become real elements of the dish.

The philosophy of "I Tenerumi" continues by supporting and protecting the environment throughout the supply chain, using vegetables grown in our vegetable garden, using organic ingredients and exploiting the energy from our solar and photovoltaic systems. All this allowed our restaurant to also be awarded 1 Michelin green star in 2022. Always open for dinner except on Tuesdays.

Hours: 7.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.

Davide Guidara

Davide Guidara was born in the province of Benevento in 1994 and, from a very young age, his destiny was clear to him: becoming a Chef. After hotel management school, he set off on an important journey in the sector, working at Ristorante Don Alfonso (**Michelin) with Chef Iaccarino and at Nino de Costanzo’s Il Mosaico (**Michelin) as master of technique; his next stop was the capital to work at La Terrazza in Rome (*Michelin) with Fabio Ciervo, for the French bases, later strengthened thanks to his experience at Michel Bras’ restaurant (***Michelin) and, lastly, confirmed by the school of Renè Redzepi at Noma in Copenhagen – this latter with creative drive.

It is at the I Tenerumi restaurant, the first vegetarian restaurant on the Island of Vulcano, that since 2021, his vision of a Vegetable Cuisine has matured and become even more real and audacious, with the precise goal of redefining its meaning and use, both as an avant-garde signature cuisine and in mainstream culture. The goal? To obtain greater appreciation of what the world of vegetables has to offer. The journey on the island of Vulcano has just begun and the Cook More Plants programmatic manifesto, developed by Davide, grows and includes its “basics”. In 2022, he won some of the most important international awards: the first Michelin Star, the first Green Star – awarded for strict sustainability criteria – and the 2023 Young Chef Award.

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