Lipari and Salina

Leaving the harbour of Marina Lunga behind, we will move around Monterosa, the bay of Canneto, the white beaches and the pumice quarries, where we will stop for our first swim. After setting off again, you will notice the little village of Acquacalda on the left, while in front of us you will see the island of Salina, which we will begin to move around from Capo Faro.

We will see the tower and the perpendicular wall with various homogeneous layers that bear witness to the geological phases. Further on, at the small village of Malfa (its name comes from a group from Amalfi who settled there in ancient times by order of Pope Urban II) we will come across the arch named Perciato. We will stop for a swim in the beautiful bay of Pollara, formed by the caldera of a collapsed crater, half of which has sunk below sea level.

Another stop will be in Rinella. Moving alongside the little lake, we head to Santa Marina, one of the best-known villages on the island, where you will be able to do some shopping and have lunch. We will then make our way towards the west coast of Lipari, with its coves where we will stop for some swimming. After returning, the view of the Grotta degli Angeli (Cave of Angels) and the sea stacks of Lipari will mark the end of our journey.

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